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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 19, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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saluted as they crossed into kuwait. >> we're going home! >> reporter: it's been seven years. u.s. forces overthrew saddam hussein in april 2003. they found no weapons of mass destruction. instead, fierce resistance. at least 4415 american service members have died. many more iraqis. iraq today is more stable. the final u.s. combat convoy ran safely down roads that used to be death traps. lieutenant be steven dewitt with 17 when the u.s. invaded. >> a war that has defined this generation of military men and women and today, it is over. >> reporter: not completely. 50,000 u.s. troops remain as advisers. they know their targets. >> there is no front line in iraq. everybody is in danger in iraq. >> reporter: soldiers' families
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today were overjoyed to get them back. this was ft. lewis, washington. forces who left iraq a few days ago, many with feelings of accomplishment. >> it is just amazing if you go to iraq. there is a vast improvement of what we did. >> reporter: the baghdad government is in chaos. suicide attacks continue. and despite all the happy homecomings, the u.s. combat mission does not officially end until august 31. but today, two weeks early is a turning point for iraq and for america. back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks. the u.s. pull its final full combat troops out of iraq now. it is up to them to provide security. here at home, the veterans are reacting to this milestone. the world war ii veterans didn't support the reasons for the u.s. involvement in iraq. >> i think it was a mistake that we were in there to start with.
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>> i'm glad they're getting out of there. they've been fighting for 2,000 years. i think they'll still keep fighting. >> we'll have complete coverage of the pullout from iraq including more reaction from world war ii veterans still ahead in our next half-hour. police in prince george's county are on the hunt for a man who shot officers following a home invasion. the whole thing started around noon when police stopped the driver for speeding on 35th street and mount rainier. police stay suspects shot up the officers and sped off. no one was hurry. police later learned the same vehicle was spotted leaving a home. the vehicle was found abandoned on otis street in northeast washington. they're looking for that video for clues. check the out. a dramatic rescue. the workers pulled a woman from her suv after it veered off the road and plunged into the water authority say the workers sprang into ac.
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they busted her out of her car using an oar and were able to pull her into their boat. >> the anacostia have i ever considered a cold water environment. she was initially treated for some hypothermia. evaluated for some other conditions. it is likely she had a preexisting condition and we did transport her. she was in serious condition. >> investigators thought she might have veered off the road because of some type of medical situation. a prince george's high school community is mourning the loss of a very popular high school coach. cliff haskins died tuesday night after suffered a heart attack behind the wheel of his suv. he coach his flowers high school in springdale. tonight he is being remembered for that and much more. john schriffen has his story. >> pretty tough for me. i've known cliff for a while. and cliff was a big part of life. building this county to what it is in football. >> reporter: for the past two decades, coach haskins in the
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middle was a -- for 14 years he was the head coach and most recently, an assistant here at flowers high school. winning was always important and his goal was grooming young men. >> the leadership he taught me, stand up for everyone you know. they always told me to be a leader no matter whether you were on or off the field. >> this is where the coach sat on game days overlooking the entire field. but football was his second career. he spent 21 years at the metropolitan police department as the detective cleaning up the streets of d.c. >> that's when he decided to mentor young kids with his experience on the forceful. >> he became a security officer and the principal said it didn't take long for haskins to make his mark. >> when you walk and i'm walking, and the kids on the road. >> because of cliff. >> because of cliff. >> as tough as he was, the kids
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always confided in him and it was his positive outlook that made students believe no matter what the situation, with hard work, the sky was the limit. >> he wouldn't believe it was a retired policeman. you would think he was a minister or a social worker or a psychologist. he was all of those things rolled into one. >> reporter: his sudden death tuesday night after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel has left a void in the flowers high school community. but his football family were former players come back to work out say even in death, he taught everyone a lesson. >> you never know when tend of your life will be. you have to live every day like it is your last. it is not all about fun. doing what you have to do. making sure your legacy is continuing when you're gone. >> that was john schriffen reporting. the funeral for coach cliff haskins will be health next tuesday morning in ft. washington, maryland. >> it is an unexpected
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consequence of the heavy rain. tonight the water service is now out for some in mclean, virginia. the deluge busted a water main and caused major damage to a bridge as well. that bridge is still closed for repairs tonight. from the water outage to those now infamous power outages, pepco has been under fire for its response to this summer's severe storms that knock out power to nearly half a million customers. now, the utility company says it has come up with a new plan to better deal with allergies and customers' concerns. right now pepco is trying to restore power to about 800 customers in montgomery county. 17 customers in the district are still out. there are 22 outages in prince george's county as well. derek ward joining us from bethesda, maryland. one of the neighborhoods hit by back to back outages. this is a neighborhood like so many in the district where you have lots of trees and lots of power lines.
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when a good storm comes along, last night they lost power briefly. pepco says they're going to step up efforts underway to make service better in places and they are calling them service enhancements. >> usually our power goes out. we are the most unlucky. >> you hear that a lot especially where the power goes down a lot. sometime there is no storm at all. >> 11:00 before you're going to bed, we hear this big explosion. the power goes out. until 5:00 this morning. >> matt is among those smears can't grudgingly understand that power outages do happen around storms, especially. but the information blackouts, he doesn't understand that so much. >> we understand when the power goes out. it is a matter of communicating and knowing, hey, can you give us a ballpark. am i going to throw food away or not. >> we have to do a better job of really informing the public of what our restoration process is.
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so when you call us to say i'm out of service, that doesn't mean that second we can tell you when your service will be restored. if we did, we would be misleading you. we have no idea what the extent of the problem is. >> and officials do say they're stepping up their efforts to fix problems with parts of the system that do go down frequently. >> it may mean that we'll have to do some relocation. move the wires to different streets. to even consider very selective undergrounding on some of those in areas where we just can't find any others. >> reporter: it is part of a six-part plan. it includes tree trimming, automatic systems to reroute power around damaged lines. it will take that effort to restore power. >> we're upset with the reliability issue. if we had another choice, woesh flee from metro -- there's a
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freudian slip. everybody would flee from pepco. >> it is not a sprint. we'll ask our customers through this pros, he and our elected officials, and you, to be patient. it will take -- this is a five-year plan. >> reporter: there are some $256 million it will cost to do these improvements in maryland. they haven't even worked out the cost for other parts of pepco's system. but residents say that if those improvement dozen come, as the general manager says, they won't come a moment too soon. >> a five-year plan. okay. roger clemens was indicted by a federal grand jury today. he is accused of lying to congress about using steroids. the seven-time cy young award winner testified under oath before congress in 2008 that he had never used banned substances. since then, his former trainer has told federal agents, i
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injected the pitch we are steroids more than a dozen time. if he is convicted on all six counts, he could face up to 30 years in prison. the line at the unemployment office is growing longer. the labor department reports new applications for unemployment are up 12,000 over last week. it reached the half million mark for the first time in nine months. this is the powers the increase in the past five week, too. officials say state and local governments are cutting jobs to balance their budgets and home builders are laying off workers. the dow is off about 144 points to close the day at 10,271. the nasdaq is off 36 points at 2178. the s&p 500 closed down as well. 18 point to end at 10.75. a bridge collapsed with the passenger train dangling over the rain swollen river. and we'll find out who is questioning the safety of the seafood coming from the gulf of mexico. police are looking for the
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guy who is stealing thousands from his victims by telling people they hit the lottery. and more americans now apparently believe president obama is a muslim. chuck bell, what is the weather looking like? >> i know you'll find it hard to believe this hottest sum order record,
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the promoter of last weekend's deadly off-road race in california will not be holding similar events there any time soon. eight spectators were killed last saturday night at the race in the mojave desert. they were on the edge of the racing course when a truck lost control and careened into the crowd. the federal bureau of land management has suspended future permits for the company while an investigation into the know is underway. the imam leading plans for a muslim community center and mosque near the site of the september 11 attacks is touring parts of the middle east and the government is paying for the trip. he is taking part in an outreach trip to three countries. the trip was planned before the mosque controversy arose. he will be paid about $3,000 in fees for the 15-day tour to bahrain, qatar, and the united arab emirates. it is intended to promote religious tolerance. the trip will cost the government about $15,000. a new poll shows a growing
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number of americans are confused about president obama's religion. in fact, nearly one in five people or 18% of the country believe incorrectly, mind you, that the president is muslim. that's up from 11% who said the same thing just last year. 43% said they do not know his religion. only 34% correctly identified president obama as a christian. the poll was taken before the president made comments about the proposed ground zero mosque. government officials say they now have a clearer picture of the situation on the gulf war and just how long it may take for crews to finally fix it. me >> reporter: it's men more than a month now since oil has poured into the gulf. today official conceded, it will be a bit longer before they can
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finish it. it will now include more tests and eventually removing the stacking cap and installing a new blowout preventer. >> should all these steps move forward toward the eventual intersex of the well that could take place the week after labor day. >> reporter: as work continues on the floor of the gulf, team also continue to examine seafood being pulled from the waters. >> this is considered an initial first line of defense prior to laboratory testing. >> reporter: from the smell test -- >> it would show a gas smell or a petroleum smell if it was widely contaminated. you would get nasal burning if it was a more contaminated -- >> reporter: to and track lab analysis. >> to evaluate the samples and to report the data that we get to the state. for them to make a decision on whether the samples represent a
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health threat or not. >> reporter: government witnesses confirm today after extensive testing, none of the seafood pull from the gulf has shown any contamination. >> we believe the fish coming out of gulf do not have levels that are of concern. >> reporter: as the overall concern with the situation continues for the 122nd day now. jay gray, nbc news. coming up, we'll tell but the new threat to the millions of people devastated by the flooding in pakistan. we'll take a look at the weather in our area when chuck returns with the full forecast. the shot of a lifetime.
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>> the delays keep on coming as you head toward the american legion, they start to pick up just a pinch for drivers headed away from it there. for the better portion of the trip, this is what you're dealing with. against time
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to get . > it was a race against time to get passengers out of a train in china today. the train was evacuated just before the cars plunged into the water. torrential rains and floods have plagued china all summer long. wow! the pac government works to find food and shelter for the 20 million people impacted by massive flooding there, there is now a new threat to that devastated nation. pakistan's president says islamist terrorists may exploit the devastation of the pakistani people. he feel that orphans could be forced into terrorist training camps. the government has taken forces used for the fighting the taliban and put them toward disaster relief efforts there. we've spent a lot of time talking about the extreme weather we've had around here. but all tow world. >> that's a much larger scale. 20 million people is more than the combined populations of virginia, maryland sgrk the district all putt together.
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>> i tried to describe today as being the size of the country of italy being underwater. >> and just, you know, so much damage out there. and obviously they have roads and everything. it is very severely impacted. their weather is quieting down but sometimes it takes a really long time to recover from a disaster of that scope. meanwhile, right here in washington, finally yes indeed. he didn't recognize it. the sun shining brightly through a blue sky. hardly anybody recognized it after the cloudy stretch made it up to 88 degrees for a high today at national airport after a 72-degree start this morning. so a pleasant enough day. august now, 2.6 degrees warmer than average and we're not in the top ten yet. this so far is now the 11th warmest record on average. and we've got some warm days coming up. we might be in the top ten before the weekend is through. right now, we have a nice day outside. 85 degrees, our current temperature. the humidity at 50%. dew points in the low to mid 60s. not too terribly high.
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the heat index not that far above the actual temperature. here's a look at the radar. no rain around us. a couple light showers across far southern virginia. flood watches remain up. these are flood warnings down here to the south and west blacksburg. flood watches up for much of north carolina. and that's very well washes down there to the west. the western neighbors and outside nashville, tennessee. hard hit by rain. we got some great video. this is around nashville. it wasn't that long bag nashville was hit very, very hard with flash floods in early may. they've barely had time to recover from that one and now more heavy rains there. and they'll be under the gun for more rain weather with the stalled out weather front promises more clouds in their future. meanwhile into the tropics we go. still quiet for now but there are some very active tropical waves that have just now left the west coast of africa. they're working toward the eastern parts. there are really long ways away.
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some of the computer models are indicating that about this time next week, maybe late next week, we may have a hurricane somewhere off the east coast of the united states. out toward bermuda. we'll have a long way to follow between now and then but the tropics do bear watching. it is the first two week of september for the peak of hurricane season. the area of low pressure going to continue to generate local heavy rains down across parts of the carolinas and georgia. for us, the jet stream, bubbling back to the north. that will allow a little bit of an increase in temperature for tomorrow and saturday. i think a lot of folks back up into the low 90s once again. the heat indices, back up over 100 from st. louis to wichita toward dallas, ft. worth. luckily we're going to escape the super high heat and humidity. nonetheless, back into the 90s. the heat indices not too far from the actual temperatures. nonetheless, that's still warm for august. dry for now. that weather front that brought us the rain settled just down to
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the south. that's where it will be hanging outful here's a look at the futurecast model. little rip lds of low pressure running along that weather front. gradually, and do i mean gradually by late saturday into sun, will. will come back to the north. even though tomorrow and saturday look great, sunday i have some concerns. we'll have men of clouds around and a chance of rain before the weekend is through. for this evening, no weather worries. partly cloudy. mile. overnight low temperature or evening temperatures. 75 to about 80 degrees. sunset before eight clog, this will be our first weekend of the summer with our sunsets before 8:00. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy around town. some locally dense fog across parts of northern virginia into the panhandle of west virginia. be on the lookout for that. startoff temperatures, 65 to 72. then tomorrow during the derrek plenty of sunshine. hot, code orange on the air quality. at least the humidity will be reasonably cold. temperature into the low 90s tomorrow. that will be our 54th 90-degree day of the year.
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saturday will likely be our 55th. in case you're wondering, the all time record, 67 days in the 90s. that came in the summer of 1980. we've got a little ways to go to get all the way to first place. >> there is still hope though. >> a big gap between first place and second place. >> you're pulling for it? >> i've been miserably hot all summer. i want this thing in the book as the worst ever. >> you're killing us. >> thank you. coming up, a maryland man murdered. in fact, he would have turned 33 today. tonight police are still on the hunt for his killer. also, five metro stations will soon shut down for a major maintenance project. and more and more students have to deal with drugs and gangs in middle and high schools. there is a glimmer of good economic news. a budget surplus.
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shot in cold blood during rush hour. tonight police still have not found the killer. >> they haven't found the person who kill the maryland man for no reason. the victim's name was shawn nicholas green. he was murdered in 2008. >> his family is marc an occasion that he should have been here to share with them. >> reporter: today is shawn green's birthday.
6:30 pm
he would have been 33 years old. >> we would like to be automobile to wrap may arms around him and tell him happy birthday. tell him how much i love him. >> reporter: shawn green murdered near his oxon hill home in november 2008. >> i don't know who in the world would think about doing anything. >> reporter: today his friends and family gather at the scene. you see, they haven't forgotten what happened here. >> i will tell the person or the people who were involved, you may have taken him from us physically. his spirit and his life will live forever. >> 911 center. >> i just witnessed a shooting. some man just ran into a car and shot him like five or six times. >> reporter: shawn green was stopped at this red light on virginia lang at st. barnabas road. it was early in the evening. still rush hour. he was in his cadillac car. he was second in line here. there were cars behind him.
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they say a man with a hood walks up, pull up a gun and opens fire. one shot, two shots, three shots, four shots, more than eight rounds fired into over below green's car. then they say the man in the hood. he simply walked away. >> reporter: shawn green, a happy man with an infectious smile. he had a top secret job in the intelligence communicate. police have collected a large file of information but so far, no motive, no suspects. >> he was a part of our community and i believe the police department and the communicate working in partnership together, there is no crime we cannot solve. >> reporter: on this shawn green's better day, his friends and family planned to gather. on this his birthday there is hope that someone will come forward with the evidence necessary for police to make an arrest in this case.
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and bring peace to his family. news4. prince george's county. a stretch of highway in maryland has been dedicated to a prince george's county police officer who was killed in the line of duty. route 197 from buoy road to briar cross lane in laurel will bear the name of sergeant richard finley. he was killed in 2008 when police say a stolen van allegedly driven by ronny white struck him. the widow asked this particular stretch of highway be dedicated to his memory buzz hit special significance to them. they met while working at the firemen more than ten years ago. this labor day weekend, metro transit will be conducting the biggest maintenance project in its history. five red line stations will be closed. the glen monday, wheaton, forest glen, at a coach a park. friday, accept 3.
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they won't reopen until september 7. it will take more than 500 metro employees to work on the eight-mile strep of track and there will be delays. >> 40 minutes to the travel time because you have to park. so people who want to ride the system, we want them to do that but it will take a long time. >> metro says the work will be done by 1:00 in the morning on tuesday. shuttle buses will run throughout the labor day weekend. >> budget surplus. those are words we haven't heard in a while. today virginia's governor detailed the commonwealth's good news. the question now is who gets the leftover money? julie carey takes a look. >> reporter: it is tradition for the governor to get a standing ovation when he speaks to the money committee. for the first time in a while, there is truly something to applaud. a $403 million surplus.
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>> i'm here to state the facts. after two or three years of bad news, we have a ray of sunshine. >> reporter: sell broughting the most, state employees. it come in part because state agencies held back on speck. their reward? a 3% bonus to state employees who haven't had a raise in three years. the surplus may bring some extra money for school districts. it had been a roller coaster. >> to the extent the governor allocates this, we'll be very happy. >> reporter: john wallingford is the budget director. he said earlier this year, the district feared it would have to lay off nearly 800 employees. that was avoided. the general assembly restored some funding and allowed school districts to hole off on payment to the virginia retirement system fund. now, the district is actually preparing to hire new teachers, 180 of them. it is not because of the state
6:35 pm
surplus. the federal government is making $250 million available to virginia schools to hire back laid off instructors or add new ones. >> we were successful in not laying off knew employees are this year so we won't hire like many across the country but what we will do is hire additional staffing and put them in school. >> reporter: but he hopes some of the state surplus may also eventually come their way. soon the bill will come due on some of the expenses that have been deferred to get through this tough budget year. >> current costs have been deferred. the governor has until november to decide how to spend the surplus. that's about $71 million. fairfax county police are looking for at least two men accused of using a lottery particular scam to steal thousands of dollars from several people. this is the surveillance photo and the sketch of the suspects in the most recent incident.
6:36 pm
the victim ended giving up the suspect $15,000, believing he would get a percentage of the winning in return. two similar crimes were reported in may and june. >> coming up, we'll show you a high flying basketball long shot. also ahead -- a school bus driver dropped off a 5-year-old in the wrong place. the child was left to wander the streets all alone. and a couple bar tenders are facing serious jail time.
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bright sunshine out there for your thursday. we get to keep the great weather at least through the end of the week into the first half of the weekend. the current temperature now, still in the mid 80s with men of sunshine getting through. a few fair weather clouds. overnight lows dropping into the low 70s in town and by the bay. men of low to mid 60s craw northern virginia into the panhandle of west virginia. frederick, maryland, out toward hatianstown. they could see some dense fog. once that's gone we'll be left with a sunshiny afternoon. tell in the low 90s. if you're doing some beaching and boating, saturday will be the better day. especially by late sun afternoon, temperature near 90 on saturday. if you're making the drive over the bridge down to the ocean.
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oh, yes. very good usable beach weekend. saturday will be the sunnier day so maybe you need to drive do not friday night to make sure. and rain chances sneak back up by late sunday afternoon. hot tomorrow, hot on sunday, we're just talking about 91, 92. a chance of needed rain showers coming into the forecast as we head toward sunday and monday and then relatively dry weather through much of next week. >> thanks, chuck. two fairfax county bartenders facing serious jail time for trying to entertain their customers. c.j. rogers and justin could spend up to 45 years in prison for breathing fire while entertaining customers at the old town inn. they had been performing their trick for more than a decade but someone recently complained. this picture comes from their myspace page. they are charged with three felonies and other misdemeanors.
6:41 pm
the boy's mother said he never received the warning and he would have stopped it if he had. drugs and gangs are a common problem. about a third of students ages 12 to 17 say their schools are both gang and drug infested. teenagers who go to schools where there are both drugs and gangs present are five times more likely to smoke marijuana and three time more likely to drink than kids who to go drug-free or gang-free schools. a kindergartner walked for mile after a school bus dropped him off at the wrong place. 5-year-old antonio easley should have been taken to after school care on tuesday. instead, the school bus driver took him home by mistake. he decided to walk to his mother's workplace. the furniture store eight miles away. towed cross five lanes of traffic in the pouring rain to
6:42 pm
get there. eventually some good samaritans saw he was in need of help and they walk him to his mother' workplace. >> i am thankful to god. he was with him. god was with him. >> watching the whole time. >> i am a super hero. >> 5 years old. antonio and his mother were reunited an hour and a half after the bus dropped him off. they are investigating the incident. last day of training camp for the redskins. >> albert haynesworth, still a story out there. >> nothing. you hit on every single thing we're going to say. >> great minds think alike? >> that's true. it is the last day and they are very much looking forward to just one practice a day. >> also, find out what is ailing albert haynesworth. and a football coach down in georgia decides to do some unusual things.
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what's going on in training camp? >> thank you very much. >> it is the last day at training camp. and it finished like it started, really. with haynesworth missing the last couple days. first it was dehydration. then it wasn't dehydration. now they're saying headache. mike shanahan picking his words carefully.
6:46 pm
he is not the only one who missed today. >> malcolm kelly was not even on the field. that's because of personal reasons. we'll get to that a little later in the sportscast. >> for now let's go out to the field. 22 days of practice for everybody else. not name haynesworth. malcolm kelly, safe to say they are elated camp is over. we did learn the second stringers are speck to play in the neighbor of 30 to 35 plays. as for the end of camp, that means the end of two a days. it does have a slightly different feel than shanahan is used to since camp was held here and not somewhere else. >> players are glad the two a days are over with. i can guarantee that. they go back to the schedule where they're practicing the
6:47 pm
same way and practicing during the season themselves get more time for meetings. their body will feel a little fresher. >> the best part is that we're not here all day. it is hike a normal job. i can go home around 5:30, 6:00. i don't have to stay until 10:00 every night. >> i'm very happy the camp is oh. >> you guys have been grinding it out for so long. >> very curious right now. the process is hard. you're working hard at camp two a days. to be away from your families, especially with a newborn. it is hard to concentrate at time. it's words it. you have to pay for a college education somehow. >> throw a kegger somewhere. it would be awesome. >> sounds like the old offensive line that used to gather back there in the shed and drink a couple of beers.
6:48 pm
>> he would walk in and say it smells like booze in here. it will cool you off. >> not that i would be doing that. >> hasn't change today. back to the malcolm kelly issue. >> so malcolm kelly as we said for personal reasons, reports are he is facing misdemeanor traffic charges. but of course, he came out today and that that's not the case. it was personal reasons. whether or not we can that, we know some other guys are getting in trouble, too will. >> yeah. fred davis has been in traffic court. and so has rookie trent williams who was going 90 in a 55. some of them are having lead feet. >> quite the on that on the field. when you're talking about a guy like trent william. you ask anybody out here and the guy has been unstoppable. and he puts more pressure on himself than anyone else out on the field. partially because he has that $36 million portion of his contract. the part of his job that is not a cake walk is going up against
6:49 pm
the linebacker brian orakpo. you can consider it a beneficial evil of the job. and trent williams drafted the overall pick by the redskins said that he was average in friday's game. that's how he rated himself. >> the coaches love his potential. they've been applauding his speed and size. something that has gun him an edge in develop many is going against this guy, brian orakpo who had 11 sack last year with the defensive rookie of the year. williams said that going up against one of the best in the league is making him keep up the pace. >> tremendous benefit. helping me develop as an nfl player and going up against one of the best pass rushers in the league. i benefit from it a lot. >> i benefit from it. >> he is a great athlete. a very explosive tackle. i like to say you know you have a good tackle when you have a
6:50 pm
tack well tight end feet and movement and the power of the offensive line. he has both combinations to make him a good player. we're both battling all the time. it will get me ready, get him ready. what do they have? they have all these guys ready for them. >> brian orakpo just mentioned three defensive players that would scare the life out of any player in the nfl. they'll be licking their chops. and it will be a real measuring stick. >> a great test for him. everybody has been very pleased with how he look. >> a federal grand jury has indicted roger clemmons for using steroids. he could face if convict on all counts, up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine. sticking with our baseball theme, lighter note.
6:51 pm
the nationals down in atlanta. josh willingham has gone on the disabled list. he will have surgery like we told you on that torn meniscus. it was the michael morris and willy harris show down in atlanta. these guys were just getting it done for an afternoon game. michael morris started at first base, giving adam dunn a bit of a breather. he did his impersonation. he gets hold of the breaking ball and it is gone. 1-0, nats on top. bottom six now, nats up 4-2. a nice outing for the reliever. threw one pitch in the game. michael morris makes to it foul territory. then with the bottom, he throws it over to second for the double play to end the inning. >> kyle farnzworth, and get out over the right field wall. a two-run shot to give the
6:52 pm
nationals some breathing room. and he would consider on defense. look at that diving catch. making up for the play he messed up with. the nationals went 6-2 over the braves. now to something that i could have envisioned. jim zorn doing when he was the host of the redskins last year. in georgia, will he go to the pool. apparently this is an annual tradition in georgia. look at him. he does this every year but normally, he brings his by aing suit. he forgot his bathing suit. he did the 33-foot back flip any way. you have to like a head coach who is gutsy enough to do that. >> you're right about zorn. you can see him doing that. >> he would do that for sure. >> that will do it for redskins park. it's over. get ready to begin. >> that was a good dive. he did not just jump off the high dive. that was good.
6:53 pm
that was smooth. >> a lot of practicing. you can tell. thanks. coming up, the
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
soldiers from the fourth stryker brigade near seattle were greeted with cheers and lot of hugs today as they got home
6:56 pm
from iraq today. there were more than enough of heads to hugs to go around. there was also a little time spend with families reconnecting. in some cases, new parents were getting used to the feel of holding a baby instead of the weapons of war. here in washington, the troop pullout from iraq is getting mixed reviews from people of all types. at the world war ii memorial, a group of veterans from that war shared their thoughts on america's current conflict in iraq. here's tom sherwood. at the world war ii memorial thursday, more than 300 veterans of that war from iowa lined up to have their pictures taken. the veterans, family members and friends flew in thursday morning from iowa on the 747 and were to fly back thursday evening. fulfilling the long time dream to see their memorial. >> i've been wanting to see this. it's great. >> reporter: many of the veteran in their late 80s and early 90s,
6:57 pm
are aware of america's long fight in iraq and afghanistan. most are happy about. the combat troops at least are leaving iraq. >> glad it's over. glad the kids are home from there. and hope to be home from afghanistan before too long. >> reporter: there were strong feelings that our country should have committed more and fought harder for a clear cut win. >> i wholeheartedly favor iraq and afghanistan. i'm a hawk. i feel we've got to win these things. and that's the way we did in world war ii. everybody has their own opinion. and i had a lot of combat in world war ii and i would not hesitate to go again. >> reporter: other veterans were more cautious and more critical. >> reporter: do you have any thoughts about the iraq war the last seven years? >> well, i think maybe it was a mistake to go in there to start with. >> i think it was a mistake. i'm glad they're getting out of
6:58 pm
there. those people have been fighting for 2,000 years. i think they're keep fighting. >> in just a few moments on "nbc nightly news" work last the of the combat troops out, what is the new mission in iraq? more of richard engel's coverage in kuwait. that's coming up next. one more check of the weather. thanks. we have indeed more warm weather coming our way. no big surprise. it is august of 2010. it has already been a warm month and a blazing hot summer. a couple more 90-degree days directly in front of us. on friday, the high around 92. saturday about, 91. clouds will start to increase late in the day saturday. lower and thicken. i think by sunday afternoon and monarch chance of showers and another chance coming up by the middle of the next week. no more real southern summer soakers. back to you. some teenagers in alabama call themselves the legendary shots and they have certainly
6:59 pm
lived up to that name. >> this is the stunt that skyrocketed them to youtube fame them sank a basket from 200 feet in the air. the group asked the park for permission to use the rides. the rest was history by way they also hit a shot from the ferris wheel. amazing they could talk the amusement park into letting them do that after hours. >> have we var fade the authenticity? every time i see it -- >> i don't see any edits. >> it looks clean. >> it does look clean. >> i don't know. >> i want to believe it because it's so much fun. >> so do i. that's all we have for you. "nbc nightly news" is up next.


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